tiny turtles carving

River Blossom Jade specializes in rare California Jade (or Nephrite & Botryoidal) for collectors. We have carvings, boulders of various sizes, strands to make jewelry from, Masterpieces, and more.

apricot masterpiece 7

The jewelry and carvings shown in this site are created from bubbly nuggets and boulders from our land in Northern California.

Jade has been sought after throughout history. The Orient has traditionally been the center for all Jade activities. That is now changing; California's recent botryoidal jades are astounding the Jade, Suiseki, and Viewing Stone world. These recent California Jade, or nephrite, finds have been described as the most important since the discovery of Imperial Green Jade. Naturally figurative botryoidal nuggets, or River Blossoms are left high and dry after the massive winter rains in the Trinity Alps in Northern California. Botryoidal, when referring to gemstones,  means bubbly.